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10 Most Common Things People Do AFTER Sex

You’ve done it. You’ve had sex. Absolutely wonderful sex. Reverse cowgirl-ing, missionary-ing, side-saddling, and everything in between. You’ve both been pleasured to the point of a climax and now you’re lying there wondering, what next? Well, we’ve all got our own post-sex activities and routines, but, believe it or not, recent research shows that there are 10 things people tend to do after sex that are way more common than others. And I’ve taken it upon myself to share them with you guys here on my blog today. If you think I’ve missed any, be sure to let me know!


Cuddling’s cute, right? Most people like to lay about post-coitus, probably in a wet patch by this point, just enjoying each other’s naked company. It’s probably the most intimate you’ll ever feel. And it gives you a nice, warm, fuzzy feeling on the inside, regardless of the puddle on the sheets. I’m the first to admit that I love a good cuddle after sex. There’s nothing better, right?


Let’s face it, if you’ve experienced a pretty splendiferous orgasm, your brain just turns to mush. So what better way to not have to use it for the hour or two post-sex than to tune in to a damn good TV series on Netflix? I’ll wait …


Lying about with a dry mouth isn’t ideal, so it will come as no surprise that a lot of people choose to get themselves a drink after they’ve had their jollies. Especially if they’ve had ‘other fluids’ in their mouth during said activity. Cheeky monkeys!


I think it’s safe to say that not everyone’s a fan of lying around with their bits out after sex. And you can’t blame them. Your inhibitions are quickly back intact after sex, so you may feel a little more comfortable getting dressed so you don’t have your modesty on show.


Similar to the aforementioned cuddle is the classic spoon. Whether he spoons you, or you spoon him, spooning is the art of after-sex togetherness. You probably couldn’t be closer, and if you’ve been making some sweet love, it’s the pretty much the perfect ending.


Sweet nothings, quite literally. No talk. No food. No moving. Nothing but just lying there and enjoying the moment. Heck, why not even throw a nap into the mix? In fact, the chances of you drifting off into a peaceful sleep after some glorious sex is quite high. Doing nothing after is just great.


I bloody love a deep and meaningful conversation, I do. And I don’t necessarily mean about something romantic — more of a conversation with serious depth that might end up with you lying about for the rest of the day trying to come to the bottom of a crazy conspiracy theory or something. It’s thought-provoking, interesting and doesn’t involve moving anything other than your mouth.


For anyone reading this who has the energy to prepare food after sex, I salute you. However, I think we’ve all been there when — post-coitus — we’ve developed an appetite for something other than a good hard shag. A sandwich, or a bowl of cereal, perhaps?


Alternatively, for those experiencing the munchies but can’t be arsed to prepare food themselves (and who can blame them?), ordering a takeaway is another great option. Just run to the door in your dressing gown, receive the goods and try not to get grease on the sheets. Voila. May I also be so bold as to recommend a 16-inch pizza? After all, this sexual intercourse malarkey can be hungry work!


Last, but certainly not least, is the one I’m really not a fan of. And that’s checking social media as soon as the sex is over. Similarly, I’m not a fan of those who do it either. I mean, why not just enjoy the moment!? Eat crappy food from the comfort of your bed, talk about how Elvis may not be dead, or watch the next episode of Lucifer on Netflix. I’m sure checking Instagram can wait.

10 Most Common Things People Do AFTER Sex

What do you guys get up to after you’ve had sex?
My suggestion? Bugger it — just do all 10!

Louise x

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